Longtime assistant Sabock back for the Orange Bowl

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Mike Sabock was an assistant coach at Northern Illinois from 1984-2007, and has the longest tenure of any assistant in NIU history.

Now, Sabock is back with the Huskies for one more game, as he will coach NIU's tight ends and fullbacks in the Orange Bowl, as well as the preparation leading up to the game. The Huskies had a coaching spot open up when offensive coordinator/offensive line coach Rod Carey was promoted to head coach on Dec. 2. Joe Tripodi coached the tight ends/fullbacks in 2012 and is now working with the offensive line.

Sabock came to NIU in 1984 as the Huskies' defensive backs coach. He served as the team's recruiting coordinator from 1996-2007, before he went to Western Michigan, where he was the Broncos' running backs/special teams coach from 2008-11.

- Steve Nitz, snitz@shawmedia.com, @SNitz_DDC


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