Tuesday NIU notes: Coaching staff will stay for Orange Bowl

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Dave Doeren's old coaching staff will be staying in DeKalb — at least for the time being.

Speaking to reporters Tuesday at the Yordon Center, NIU head coach Rod Carey said he will have his coaching staff available for the Orange Bowl.

When Doeren spoke at his introductory press conference at N.C. State Sunday, he indicated he would bring some coaches from NIU.

Here are other notes from Tuesday, when NIU made Carey and players available at the Yordon Center:

• There's been some negative reaction to NIU's BCS appearance. Most notably ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit's rant Sunday night. To Carey, it's all part of the system.

"If we didn't think there was going to be negative comments about the BCS this year, we're all living in la la land. There is every year," Carey said. "Someone's mad and someone's this. That's what makes this great. As flawed as this system is, opinions make this thing go around now."

• Speaking of Herbstreit, by now you've probably heard of Jordan Lynch jokingly throwing an orange at the projector screen in the McCareins Auditorium when Herbstreit was ranting about NIU Sunday night.

Lynch was asked about it Tuesday.

"That one felt pretty good. I was actually pretty dead on," Lynch joked. "... It was all out of fun."

• Prior to NIU's Huskie-Stadium opener against Tennessee-Martin Week 2, Carey took over as NIU's offensive coordinator, replacing Mike Dunbar, whose duties were reassigned so he could continue his battle with cancer.

Carey isn't sure if he will call plays during the Orange Bowl.

"What I told everybody is, the best thing for us is to operate like we have been. So, me calling plays is how we've been doing it," Carey said. "But, we'll have to see."

• Saturday, the Huskies will hold their first pre-Orange Bowl practice at Huskie Stadium.

— Steve Nitz, snitz@shawmedia.com, @SNitz_DDC on Twitter


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