Doeren ranks NIU 14th in Coaches Poll

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Former NIU head coach Dave Doeren ranked Northern Illinois No. 14 in the final USA Today Coaches Poll.

Akron coach Terry Bowden and Toledo's Matt Campbell also voted the Huskies 14th. Ohio's Frank Solich ranked the Huskies 15th, Kent State's Darrell Hazell slotted them at No. 17 and Ball State's Pete Lembo placed them at No. 21.

Oklahoma's Bob Stoops voted his Sooners at No. 6 and ranked the Huskies at No. 24. Doeren ranked Oklahoma at No. 11.

Baylor's Art Briles and Paul Rhoads of Iowa State also voted Oklahoma at No. 6.

The Huskies finished at No. 16 in the final poll while Oklahoma was ranked No. 11

Here is the complete breakdown of how each coach voted in the final poll:


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