Hultgren wagers on the Huskies

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Illinois Republican Congressman Randy Hultgren has placed his bet on the Huskies tonight.

The Illinois representative's office put out a news release today saying that Hultgren and Congressman Tim Ryan have put together a friendly wager on tonight's Northern Illinois-Kent St. Mid-American Conference championship game.

The Congressman representing the losing team will give the Congressman representing the winning team with treats from his district. Hultgren will give Ryan a holiday basket from Graham's Chocolate in Geneva if the Huskies lose.

“I look forward to sampling the gift basket of gourmet goods from Kent’s local bakeries and the Kent Displays Boogie Board that Rep. Ryan will be sending from Ohio, because I know the Huskies are going to win tonight,” Hultgren said in a news release. “Coach [Dave] Doeren and the team have had an outstanding year.”


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