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Final thoughts: NIU 49, Eastern Michigan 7

Another game which NIU comes in as a heavy favorite, another game where the Huskies get up early and leave no doubt who the superior team is.

Jordan Lynch wasn't out of this world like last week, but he was Jordan Lynch. Akeem Daniels had a great game, averaging nearly 10 yards per carry. Martel Moore went over 1,000 yards receiving for the season.

Next week gets tougher, when NIU makes the trip East on I-94 again all the way into Detroit for the MAC Championship Game. Should be a good contest with two ranked teams going at it.

That's all from Rynearson Stadium, as I'm going to be writing somewhere else, as I don't want to stay in this cold press box any longer. Be sure to check out coverage from today's game in Saturday's Daily Chronicle and on We'll be putting up some video interviews online as well.

End of the third quarter: NIU 35, Eastern Michigan 7

Well, there isn't a low of snow on the field anymore. It's unfortunate, because snow games are always fun to watch. At least we got to see one of those games for roughly a half.

I've said it all game, but I've been impressed with what Akeem Daniels has done today (8 carries, 85 yards, 3 touchdowns). However, his success has taken away from Jordan Lynch's numbers. Lynch has been good, throwing for 152 yards and running for 88, but hasn't put up the eye-popping stats he has been. We'll see how much he plays in the fourth quarter.

Halftime: NIU 28, Eastern Michigan 7

I love snow games, and I'm honored that I actually get to cover one. It started snowing, I don't know, midway through the first quarter here at Rynearson Stadium, and now the field is covered in the white powder, although it does look like it's letting up. Both teams will probably be playing in a blanket of snow for the rest of the game, which is always fun to watch.

As for the Huskies' play in the first half, they're doing exactly what I expected. The linemen are opening up holes, and Jordan Lynch (nine carries, 51 yards) and Akeem Daniels (eight carries, 73 yards, two touchdowns) are really taking advantage of it. As you know, the Huskies will be without left tackle Tyler Loos the rest of the season, but I think Ryan Brown as done a good job at left tackle so far, and Matt Krempel has done a fine job replacing Brown at the right tackle spot.

End of the first quarter: NIU 14, Eastern Michigan 7

There's one thing which has really stood out to me so far — Lynch and Akeem Daniels have had plenty of room to run.

It's certainly not surprising, given the Eagles struggles with stopping the run so far. It will be interesting to see what kind of numbers Lynch puts up today, and the Huskies could certainly use a good game from Daniels.

Running back has been the one weakness on the offense this season, although I'm really nitpicking there.

Tommylee Lewis gave the Huskies the lead at the end of the first quarter, taking a kickoff 93 yards for a touchdown. I know fans have been waiting for that all season.

15 minutes until kickoff

NIU enters this game as a 21-point favorite. I'm just going to go ahead and say Vegas made a mistake with that spread. Everyone has seen the Huskies run all over everyone this season. At the same time, Eastern Michigan can't stop the run.

The Huskies' offense is just going to have its way with Eastern Michigan. Wouldn't shock me at all to see Jordan Lynch go over 200 yards, we'll just see how long NIU head coach Dave Doeren keeps him in the game.

Here's my prediction: NIU 49, Eastern Michigan 14

I'll be tweeting (@HuskieWire) and live-blogging throughout the game. Enjoy the contest, and make sure to check out our coverage in Saturday's Daily Chronicle.

45 minutes until kickoff

Good morning Huskie fans, hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving. I'm here in the Rynearson Stadim press box for Northern Illinois' seemingly annual Black Friday contest against Eastern Michigan.

It's a meaningless game for the Huskies when it comes to Mid-American Conference play, with NIU having already clinched the West Division. However, NIU obviously needs this contest if it wants to keep its Top 25 ranking.

While you're waiting for kickoff, checkout the preview coverage from today's Daily Chronicle:

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• Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel is considered the Hesiman Trophy favorite. Mike Korcek compared Johnny Football to Huskies record-setting QB Jordan Lynch.

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