Sophomore OT Loos out for the year

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Northern Illinois sophomore left tackle Tyler Loos suffered a broken tibia on the final drive of the Huskies' 31-24 win over Toledo Wednesday night, and will miss the rest of the season, an NIU spokesperson confirmed Thursday.

Loos, one of five new starters on the Huskies' offensive line this season, started NIU's first 11 games. The 6-5, 282-pounder from Sterling missed the entire 2011 season due to a knee injury after redshirting his freshman year in 2010.

Following the game, NIU head coach Dave Doeren said Loos' injury wasn't career-threatening.

"Just really sad for Tyler Loos that he was injured during that drive," Doeren said. "He's had such a great season, and we're going to miss him. Sounds like he'll be back. It wasn't something that will end his career or anything like that."

— Steve Nitz,, @SNitz_DDC on Twitter


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