Thoughts from Valparaiso's 69-46 win over NIU

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After watching Valparaios's 69-46 win over Northern Illinois at Valpo's Athletics-Recreation Center Tuesday morning, it's clear this NIU team has a long way to go.

It wasn't going to be an easy game for NIU against a team that started five seniors, and the inexperienced showed. The Huskies had a tough time getting the open shot against the Valpo defense, shooting just 29 percent from the field. At the same time NIU showed a lot of poor shot selection, particularly in the paint.

"In some situations you [need] some confidence. You'd like to see the first couple balls go in, help your confidence," NIU head coach Mark Montgomery said after the game. "But you know, we're a young team. So, what I liked about our club was, we didn't let our poor offense take away from good defense. We held them to 34 percent shooting in the first half, problem was, we shot [19 percent]. So, we didn't let our offense affect our defense, we just wish some of those shots would go down early."

I thought 10 wins was a good barometer for this team prior to the season, and I know I've seen just one game, but that hasn't changed.

Pick up Wednesday's Daily Chronicle and check out for coverage from Tuesday morning's game.

— Steve Nitz,, @SNitz_DDC on Twitter


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