Tuesday news conference notes

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Buffalo comes into Saturday's game at Northern Illinois with a 1-4 record.

On the surface, the Bulls may have just one win (which came against FCS Morgan State), but Buffalo has played a tough schedule so far, losing to teams like Georgia, Kent State and Ohio.

Last week in Athens, Ohio, Buffalo outgained the Bobcats, 501-333. The problem was the Bulls lost three fumbles.

NIU head coach Dave Doeren raved about Buffalo's talent at Tuesday's news conference.

"On film they sure don't look like a 1-4 team," Doeren said. "They're a team that has a very talented roster."

A couple of other notes from NIU's weekly news conference:

• One player the Huskies' offense will have to watch out for is Bulls linebacker Khalil Mack, who leads the nation in tackles for loss per game (2.7), and averages 1.1 sacks per contest, good for 11th in the country.

Doeren called Mack one of the best defensive players he's seen in a long time.

"The guy plays football the right way. I really like watching him," Doeren said. "I'm not going to like playing against him. I like watching the guy, I think he's a great football player and I have a lot of respect for him."

• NIU's tailbacks didn't have a ton of yards (108) in Saturday's 35-23 win at Ball State, but Doeren liked what he saw from the group when it came to blocking.

"Our numbers weren't great, but if you watch the film you're going to see a bunch of guys blocking really hard," Doeren said. "I thought Leighton Settle and Akeem Daniels did a really nice job blocking for our quarterback and protecting our quarterback throughout the football game."

— Steve Nitz, snitz@shawmedia.com, @SNitz_DDC on Twitter


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