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Northern Illinois did it again Saturday.

Trailing in the fourth quarter, which has seemed customary this season, the Huskies rallied, notching a 35-23 win at Ball State. It's NIU's third fourth-quarter comeback of the year.

"There's just no flinch in this team," NIU head coach Dave Doeren said during Monday's Mid-American Conference coaches teleconference. "I think we had five come-from-behind wins a year ago, so it's kind of something, unfortunately, we're having to do a lot of for whatever reason, and we find a way to pull it off."

The comebacks are being done with a first-year starting quarterback in Jordan Lynch, and an offensive line which has five new starters.

"I think we're a mentally-tough football team," Doeren said. "Our quarterback leads the way on that, he's a very tough individual. Our offensive linemen are a bunch of just guys that play hard."

A few other notes from Monday's teleconference:

• Lynch ran for a team-high 207 yards Saturday and threw for another 195. Six weeks into the season, the junior QB is seventh in the country when it comes to total offense with 340.67 yards per game.

Doeren gave some of the credit for his quarterback's success to the playing time he got the past two seasons as the Huskies' wildcat QB.

"I think it helped him a lot," Doeren said. "Just from a butterfly standpoint. Just being able to be out there and having done it a lot."

• Buffalo has just one win this season, and hasn't beaten a Football Bowl Subdivision team. The Bulls, though, look a lot better than their record.

Buffalo's losses? No. 14 Georgia, 4-1 Kent State, Connecticut and unbeaten Ohio.

"I think they're a really good football team. I can't believe they're 1-4," Doeren said. "When you watch the tape, they're playing extremely hard, they're physical, they've got good players all over the field."


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