Week 5 Top Dawgs

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Northern Illinois opened Mid-American Conference play with a 55-24 win over Central Michigan Saturday. Next week should be tougher, when the Huskies head to Muncie, Ind. to take on Ball State.

Here are NIU's top performers from Week 5:


Leighton Settle, junior, running back

Settle ran for a career-high 152 yards and scored three touchdowns, including a 46-yard score. He also added 52 kick return yards.


Sean Progar, senior, defensive end

Progar had the defense's biggest play of the game, intercepting Ryan Radcliff when the Chippewas were driving during the third quarter. NIU was up by just six points at the time, and went on a 28-3 run to end the game.

Special teams

Mathew Sims, junior, kicker

Not only did Sims kick field goals from 20 and 43 yards out, he had a 7-yard touchdown run on a fake field goal.

Last Week's winner: Jordan Lynch

Week 3 winner: Jordan Lynch

Who was NIU's Week 5 Top Dawg?
Leighton Settle
Sean Progar
Mathew Sims


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