Week 3 Top Dawgs

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This is Top Dawgs, a new feature I'm going to put up each Sunday. I'll name an offense, defense and special teams player of the week for each Northern Illinois game, and fans can vote on who was the Huskies' Top Dawg.

There was a lot to like (offense, Jordan Lynch, Martel Moore) from NIU's 41-40 win over Army, and a lot to be concerned about (486 rushing yards for Army, -3 turnover ratio).

I'll get to the point. Here are NIU's Week 3 Top Dawgs:

Offense: Jordan Lynch, quarterback

Easy pick here. Lynch threw for 342 yards and four touchdowns, and ran for another 125 yards and a touchdown. It was easily his best performance of the season.

Defense: Tyrone Clark, linebacker

Clark had 17 tackles on the afternoon for a defense that had a rough day overall. Three of Clark's tackles came for loss.

Special teams: Tyler Wedel, kickoff specialist

Uh, yeah, this was kind of tough. Ryan Neir only punted once, Mathew sims didn't attempt a field goal, Perez Ashford returned just one punt return. Wedel averaged 64.1 yards per kickoff and had three touchbacks. The Huskies needed the Army offense to have to gain as many yards as possible.

Who was NIU's Top Dawg agaisnt Army?
Jordan Lynch
Tyrone Clark
Tyler Wedel


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