Preseason depth chart released

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Northern Illinois released its initial preseason depth chart at Tuesday's Chicago media day. Here are a few observations.

— Probably the biggest surprise is the fact senior Logan Pegram, the lone returning starter on the offensive line, is now listed as the starting center after playing guard his first three seasons. Pegram takes over for Scott Wedige, who's now competing for a spot on the Arizona Cardinals' roster. Look for more on this from Anthony Zilis in Thursday's Daily Chronicle.

— Senior Victor Jacques is listed as the starter at middle linebacker with Devon Butler no longer on the team. Even before Butler's dismissal, Doeren said Jacques would be competing for the job.

— Left tackle Tyler Loos and tight end Jason Schepler, a Sycamore product, are listed first at their respective positions. Both players sat out spring practice while recovering from torn ACLs.

— There isn't a definite starter at running back, which isn't much of a surprise. Akeem Daniels, Leighton Settle and Jamal Womble are all listed at the top.

Here's the depth chart —


Quarterback: Jordan Lynch (first team), Matt McIntosh (second team)

Tailback: Akeem Daniels OR Leighton Settle OR Jamal Womble

Fullback: Rob Sterling (first), Ricky Connors (second)

Wide receiver (X): Martel Moore, Juwan Brescacin

Wide receiver (Y): Da'Ron Brown, Angelo Sebastiano

Wide receiver (F): Tommylee Lewis, Jamison Wells

Wide receiver (Z): Perez Ashford, Juwan Brescacin

Tight end: Jason Schepler, Luke Eakes

Left tackle: Tyler Loos, Ryan Brown

Left guard: Andrew Ness OR Tyler Pitt

Center: Logan Pegram, Mike Gegner

Right guard: Aidan Conlon OR Matthew Killian

Right tackle: Matt Krempel, Wes Ott


Right end: Alan Baxter, Joe Windsor

Defensive tackle: Ken Bishop OR Anthony Wells

Nose guard: Nabal Jefferson, Zach Anderson

Defensive end: Sean Progar, Jason Meehan

Outside linebacker: Jamaal Bass, Michael Santacaterina

Middle linebacker: Victor Jacques, Boomer Mays

Outside linebacker: Tyrone Clark, Videl Nelson OR Bobby Winkel

Cornerback: Rashaan Melvin, Sean Evans

Strong safety: Dechane Durante, Rasheen Lemon OR Tre Moore

Free safety: Jimmie Ward, Courtney Stephen

Cornerback: Jhony Faustin OR Demetrius Stone


Placekicker: Mathew Sims

Kickoff specialist: Tyler Wedel

Punter: Ryan Neir

Long snapper: Brian Mayer

Holder: Ryan Neir

Punt returner: Tommylee Lewis, Perez Ashford

Kickoff returner: Tommylee Lewis AND Perez Ashford

— Steve Nitz,, @SNitz_DDCon Twitter


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