Kube invited to Vikings minicamp

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Alex Kube didn't want his NFL dream to end.

Going undrafted last year, the former Northern Illinois linebacker didn't stop working out. He kept up his goal of playing safety in the NFL, dropping from 238 pounds, his final playing weight in 2010, down to 208.

Kube will attend the Minnesota Vikings minicamp May 3-8 in Eden Prairie, Minn. If the Vikings like what they see from Kube, they will sign him and invite him to training camp, where he'll hope to earn a roster spot.

"I just didn't stop believing, and it ended up today," Kube said in a phone interview Tuesday night.

Unable to sign as a free agent after not getting drafted last year, Kube worked out at the Barrington Fieldhouse and at EST Athletics in Deerfield in hopes of catching on in the NFL. He also participated at NIU's pro day, as well as Northwestern's.

Kube ran a 4.46 in the 40-yard dash at Northwestern, an excellent time for a safety.

"Tremendous," Kube's agent, David Lehtman said. "That was huge."


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