NIU has raised $8.7 of $9.5 million for Chessick Center

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If everything goes right, the Kenneth and Ellen Chessick Center will be ready to go by the time NIU classes start up in the fall of 2013, NIU Athletic Director Jeff Compher said Saturday.

The Chessick Center, which will be modeled after Boise State's Caven-Williams Sports Complex, will be built in the field north of the Jeffrey and Kimberley Yordon Center.

NIU has raised $8.7 of the $9.5 million the school needs for the project. The school held a groundbreaking ceremony prior to the annual spring football game.

"Wonderful day for us. For our athletic program, for our university, for the student-athletes that are here, it’s really been a great day," Compher said. "I couldn’t ask for better weather, and I’m just excited to finally get this thing officially kicked off.”


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