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Spring practice hasn’t always been smooth for backup quarterback Matt McIntosh.

Early in spring, coach Dave Doeren said McIntosh was making his fair share of mistakes, albeit “good mistakes.” Doeren’s biggest praise for McIntosh a few weeks ago was that he has thick skin.

Slowly but surely, McIntosh has improved and gained Doeren’s praise. Quarterback Jordan Lynch has been impressed by the redshirt freshman’s work ethic.

“He’s been going in with me, watching extra film,” Lynch said after Wednesday’s practice. “When he goes out there, prepping with the two’s, they’re doing a pretty good job. He’s got great leadership, he’s on those guys, I think Matt’s done a great job so far.”

Even though it hasn’t always been easy, McIntosh has enjoyed making the transition from third-string to backup quarterback.

“The game is just a lot faster from what I’m used to, so it’s a lot more fun,” McIntosh said.

“I’m just learning the offense a little bit better. With Jordan as the No. 1 quarterback, it’s nice to lean on him and what he thinks. I talk to him a lot. It’s been a great experience for me.”

Quotable: “We had good energy today. We talked about some goals that we had that we didn’t get last year. We didn’t beat a BCS team last year, and that’s something we want to do. I think that got a little juice in it, and the guys are excited to play a couple of those teams.” – Doeren.


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