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Northern Illinois coach Dave Doeren broke down Saturday's scrimmage after watching the film. Here is what Doeren had to say on it on Monday.

"We started in the red zone and did a pass skeleton and the defense was really good," Doeren said. "Then we did short-yardage, and they were really good. Then we did third down and they were really good.

"Then we started moving the ball and there were a couple of big plays. The offense did a nice job. Martel [Moore] had two circus catches and kind of flipped the momentum. As it went on, I think the offense really established the run game towards the end. The running backs ran extremely well. It wasn't any one guy. Akeem had a nice run. [Jamal] Womble had a nice run. James Spencer jumped in there and [Cameron] Stingily had a couple of big plays in the blocking part of what we do. I thought it was a really solid day on both sides. We didn't tackle very good in the second half of the scrimmage and that was a big reason."

I asked Doeren how Stingily has handled the transition to running back from linebacker, and Doeren said early on, it was a struggle as he expected with any position change. But at 6-foot-1 and 244 pounds, Stingily gives the Huskies a big body and some additional depth at RB.

"He adds a nice dimension for us," Doeren said. "When Jamal's banged up or whatever, we don't lose the big back part of our offense. I don't want to lose that next year when he's gone. Now you'll have Sting ready to be that guy."

Doeren said NIU won't spend any more time installing anything new on offense or defense the rest of the spring. He said they were able to install almost everything they wanted to on defense this spring.

"I've seen a lot of progress in the guys I was concerned about," Doeren said. "I think it's just not getting nicked up."

Quotable: "You get so excited to stop with the running and lifting and start playing. Then you get to the end of playing and you can't wait to start the running and lifting again. I'm sure they're excited to move to the next phase, but we've got a lot of work to do in the next three practices." – Doeren

– John Sahly,, @JSahly on Twitter


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