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Early in Saturday’s Northern Illinois football scrimmage at Huskie Stadium, the offense simply couldn’t get anything going.

“When are they going to move the ball?” one defensive player shouted about half-an-hour into the overcast but mild-weathered practice, shortly after linebacker Jamaal Bass sacked quarterback Jordan Lynch.

An hour later, the defensive players were hanging their heads. The offense scored eight touchdowns during the scrimmage, which included work on third-down and red zone situations.

“It was a good day on both sides, they really went back and forth,” NIU coach Doeren said.

“It was good to see the offense finish some runs.”

Running back Jamal Womble sprained his right wrist early in spring practice, but he had a standout day carrying the ball with his left hand.

“It’s more precautionary than anything,” Womble said of the tape around his wrist. “My left hand was my weaker hand so I’m really taking the positives, getting stronger with that.”

Doeren said he was impressed with both Womble and sophomore running back James Spencer.

Redshirt freshman backup quarterback Matt McIntosh also had his second impressive practice in a row. McIntosh had a hard time through the first few weeks in practice, as is expected from a freshman at the position, but he seems to be finding a comfort level.


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