Updated: Jakubicek to transfer

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An NIU official confirmed to the Daily Chronicle this morning that women's basketball freshman forward Claire Jakubicek has applied to transfer from NIU.

The official did not know Jakubicek's reason for leaving the school.

Jakubicek's loss is a big one for the Huskies. She was named Mid-American Conference Freshman of the Year, just second NIU player to earn the honor in school history. She did this despite her season ending because of a broken foot suffered against Ball State on Feb. 16. She led the team in scoring at 11 points a game and averaged 5.1 rebounds a game.

We'll have more on this as it develops.

Updated 6:40 p.m.: Kathi Bennett released a statement through NIU. Here it is.

"Claire Jakubicek has decided to transfer and we are in the process of handling her request. In her one season with us, Claire played very well and did great things. She worked very hard and a lot of effort went into her as a player and person. This was her decision to leave. We wish her the best.”

Updated 7:30 p.m.: Shaw Media's Ross Jacobson spoke with Ellen Jakubicek, Claire's mother, to discuss the situation. Ellen said Claire's transfer was not for a medical reason, but because Claire felt she wasn't a good fit at NIU.

"It was not health related at all," Ellen said. "She did not feel it was a good fit for her. She's all geared up to play basketball and continue on with the process."

– John Sahly, jsahly@shawmedia.com, @JSahly on Twitter


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