Source: Fleck takes Bucs job

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A source close to the situation confirmed Saturday afternoon to the Daily Chronicle that P.J. Fleck has been hired as the wide receivers coach by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The Daily Chronicle has granted this source anonymity in order for the source to avoid reprisal.

Fleck was hired Thursday at Northern Illinois as the offensive coordinator, but resigned suddenly on Friday. Fleck was supposed to fill a void that was left after Matt Canada accepted the same position at Wisconsin. NIU coach Dave Doeren will not comment on the situation until a new offensive coordinator has been hired.

Fleck will join new head coach Greg Schiano in Tampa Bay. Schiano hired Fleck from NIU to Rutgers University two seasons ago. Fleck coached wide receivers for the Scarlet Knights.

– John Sahly, and @JSahly on Twitter


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