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I couldn't quite find a way to make this fit in our coverage in Tuesday's paper, but I thought you might find this story interesting about what impressed Northern Illinois athletic director Jeff Compher from the first meeting with new head football coach Dave Doeren.

"When he came into the interview room for the first time, we sat down and what I liked about him is that he carried himself with a lot of pride, but he seemed very accessible," Compher said. "I thought he was relaxed and confident.

"We talked about him working at a Mexican restaurant and one of the interviewers said, 'I think I know that restaurant.' And he said, 'Well I hope I didn't screw up your order.' That kind of wit, and his take on things... but really, what I was impressed with as we moved along is that his philosophy and what he stands for is so similar to what we stand for her and our legacy, that I felt like he would be a good fit for us."


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