Reeves, Sawvel to serve as coordinators for bowl

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Offensive coordinator Matt Limegrover and defensive coordinator Tracy Claeys officially will not coach Northern Illinois in the Humanitarian Bowl on Dec. 18, Daily Chronicle contributor Steve Nitz confirmed at today's NIU workout at Huskie Stadium.

Running backs coach Rob Reeves will serve as NIU's offensive coordinator and defensive backs/special teams coordinator Jay Sawvel will serve as the defensive coordinator under interim coach Tom Matukewicz.

The Huskies play Fresno State at 4:30 p.m, Dec. 18, in Boise, Idaho.

Updated 7:40 p.m: Here is the list of NIU's coaching staff for the bowl game.

NIU Coaching Staff (2010 uDrove Humanitarian Bowl)

Tom Matukewicz, Interim Head Coach/Linebackers

Rob Reeves, Offensive Coordinator/Running Backs

Jay Sawvel, Defensive Coordinator/Safeties

Brian Anderson, Tight Ends

Jeff Phelps, Defensive Line

Pat Poore, Wide Receivers

Melvin Rice, Cornerbacks

Joe Tripodi, Offensive Line

Jim Zebrowski, Quarterbacks

Billy Glasscock, Assistant Offensive Line

Alex Krutsch, Assistant Defensive Line

Matt Simon, Assistant Special Teams

Eric Klein, Sports Performance

Adam Clark, Assistant Athletic Director/FB Operations

From the NIU news release: Graduate assistant coaches Joe Tripodi and Melvin Rice will take on increased duties with the offensive line and cornerbacks, respectively, after working on the field with those position groups throughout the season. In addition, Billy Glasscock and NIU alums Alex Krutsch and Matt Simon have been moved into on-field coaching positions for the bowl game. Glasscock will assist Tripodi with the offensive line, Krutsch will work with Jeff Phelps and the defensive line and Simon takes on a role working with the special teams.

“This is a group of people that have been with this team all year,” Matukewicz said. “We’ve taken some off the field people and moved them into different roles, but this group of coaches has been together all season and it’s been a record-setting year.

“I want this community, this region and all of the Huskies to know that this staff and these players are going to give everything we have, and give our very best going into this game against Fresno State in Boise. We have all committed to that and if we hadn’t, we wouldn’t be getting on the plane next Tuesday.”


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