National Signing Day live blog/open thread

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Sycamore's C.J. Compher (center) signs his National Letter of Intent to play football at Northern Illinois this morning at Sycamore High. (Jon Styf –

Boenzi is not yet able to sign a letter of intent with NIU, pending his continued efforts to compensate for a rocky start to his high school academic career.

“I have to see how I do on the ACT the next time I take it. It will be my fifth time taking the ACT ... how my grades even out at the end of the year, how I do in summer school, and then I should know right before I go down there,” Boenzi said at Geneva’s college signing ceremony on Wednesday afternoon.

“It’ll be like a last-minute thing.”

Boenzi said he hopes to room with fellow Geneva senior Michael Santacaterina, who recently accepted an offer to walk on at NIU. Santacaterina was a two-way standout at Geneva likely to try his hand at linebacker with the Huskies. Along with current NIU linebacker Pat Schiller, Boenzi and Santacaterina would eventually make three Geneva products on the roster.

“That would be cool if we all got to play,” Boenzi said. “Three Geneva people holding it down on the Huskie defense.”

Santacaterina had late interest to walk on at Illinois but sensed his chances to fit in would be better in DeKalb.

“I just felt more genuine interest from NIU, like they wanted me to really be there,” Santacaterina said.

Boenzi was chiefly recruited by Kaneland product P.J. Fleck, who recently left the NIU coaching staff to join Rutgers. Boenzi expressed mixed feelings on Fleck’s departure but said it doesn’t alter his enthusiasm for playing for the Huskies.

“I’m happy for him,” Boenzi said. “I see where he’s coming from. He wants to make a name for himself, and he did what he thought was best for his family.”

Updated 5:25 p.m: Frank Boenzi has sent in his National Letter of Intent and has been added to the list for NIU.

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