Tuesday's news and notes

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Chandler Harnish (injured right knee) practiced again on Tuesday at Huskie Stadium and Northern Illinois coach Jerry Kill said the quarterback will be a game-time decision for Thursday's 5 p.m. game against Ball State.

"Sunday he practiced and did very well," Kill said. "Yesterday he did and was very sore. Today he said he felt a little better. I think he's coming along."

Kill said Harnish will be in uniform for the game, whether he sees playing time is still to be determined.

"Is he 100 percent? I don't think so, in my opinion, but that's strictly mine without talking to him and talking to [trainer] Kammy [Powell], but I think he's progressing and it's good to see him out there," Kill said.

Also, wide receiver Perez Ashford has a high ankle sprain and is doubtful for Thursday.

Clearing up: I also talked with running back Chad Spann after today's practice and talked a little more about his comments from yesterday's news conference and some of the perceptions they may have created.

"This (running back rotations) has been asked a couple of times and yesterday I guess it just came out wrong," Spann said. "Usually we just trade off every series and if coach [Kill] wants somebody specifically he'll tell that person that 'I want you to go in right now.' That's how we roll and it's been like that all season.

"It's us switching every drive to an extent but when coach wants somebody he's going to tell us. I saw that yesterday and thought 'Man, I really didn't mean it like that.' "


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