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Running back Me'co Brown's 150 rushing yards on Saturday was impressive enough, but Brown said at the end of this morning's MAC teleconference that he was sick on gameday.

"I felt terrible," Brown said. "I went out there the night before, Friday when we made it up there and my stomach, I wasn't feeling too good. I was coughing real bad. [Running backs] Coach [Rob] Reeves told me 'Michael Jordan played sick and you can do the same.' It looked like at the end of the day it came to be something good."

Brown, who leads the MAC in rushing with 331 yards, said he's feeling about average this morning.

NIU coach Jerry Kill had plenty of phone calls to return from fans thanking him for the Huskies' 28-21 victory at Purdue on Saturday. Kill said he spent a good amount of time Sunday trying to return those calls.

"I've tried to get as many returned as I possibly can," Kill said. "It's great for the fans and our university and ex-players and those things. There's no question about that. In-between that I've got to get ready for the next game. I've tried to be cordial on that but I've got to get ready for the next game. But that's a good problem to have."

Kill also said several of those calls have rehashed the fake punt that gave the Huskies a first down in the fourth quarter and essentially iced the game.

Kill addressed the punting situation as well. Junior Josh Wilber, who averaged 35.6 yards a punt on Saturday, was taken out of the game in the fourth quarter in favor of senior kicker Mike Salerno. Salerno punted the rest of the game for the Huskies.

"That was a situation where we needed a pooch punt and I've got a lot of confidence in Mike with the pooch kick," Kill said. "He kicked it down to about the 10 and then our coverage wasn't very good. And then at the end of the game, he's very good at directional punting. We needed a directional punt and we did that last year.

"We'll take a look at that situation throughout the week. [Salerno is] certainly capable of doing that. But I've said all along I don't want to do that all the time. We'll see how the week goes and how we'll evaluate our special teams because we've got a few things we need to take care of."

Teleconference postscript: I just spotted this after the teleconference ended, but the college football blog, The Wiz of Odds posted this late hit of Purdue guard Zach Reckman on NIU's Sean Progar after Progar recovered a fumble to clinch Saturday's victory. We'll see what comes of it in the next few days and if Reckman gets suspended or not. Last week, the Big Ten suspended Michigan's Jonas Mouton for a game for "striking" a player from Notre Dame.

According to the Indianapolis Star, this is what Purdue coach Danny Hope said about it after the game:

"That was not the guy that was injured. The guy who was injured that was involved in the play and the collision he was involved in were legal hits. I don't think Zach Reckman's play at the end of the game was all that vicious, if you will. That's not who was injured. The player that was injured had nothing to do with Zach Reckman.

"I'm sure it's going to be brought up and we'll address it. I didn't see anything that happened to that injured player that made me think it was foul play. I don't think Zach Reckman should've jumped in there on that guy at the end of the play but maybe he was hoping the ball would come out. He was trying to find a way to win."

The guy that was injured that Hope was referencing was Jake Coffman, who I was told after the game walked off the field under his own power but we'll have an update on him after Tuesday's news conference.

Purdue-NIU Zach Reckman's hit on Sean Progar


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