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Welcome to the latest edition of the Power Rankings. Each week, we'll rank the MAC teams and tell you which team is on the way up and which team is headed for a fall.

With that, here are the rankings, which again have undergone some changes near the top.

1. Central Michigan (2-1) Last week: 1 Central Michigan did exactly what it was supposed to do in its home-opener.2. Northern Illinois (2-1) Last week: 4 The Huskies make a charge to second after winning at Purdue. They'll fall just as fast with a home loss to Idaho this week.3. Bowling Green (1-2) Last week: 2 I know the MAC is building a reputation as a giant killer this season, but there are a whole lot of 1-2 teams to pick from here. The toss-up games are important, too.4. Buffalo (1-2) Last week: 5 Not great. Not awful. Buffalo lost a tough road game to Central Florida and will try and figure out exactly how it lost a 10-point halftime lead.5. Ohio (2-1) Last week: 6 Ohio takes care of business and each week looks like more and more of a contender in the wide-open MAC East.6. Toledo (1-2) Last week: 3 Toledo wasn't supposed to win against Ohio State, but other than safety Barry Church, who showed up ready to play for the Rockets?7. Western Michigan (1-2) Last week: 7 Three weeks into the season and I still can't figure out the Broncos. This seems like a good spot for now.8. Eastern Michigan (0-3) Last week: 8 I can't punish Eastern Michigan for competing with Michigan longer than anyone expected the Eagles to.9. Akron (1-2) Last week: 9 Akron has a few things to work out, to say the least.10. Kent State (1-2) Last week: 10 Spencer Keith's numbers weren't so bad against Iowa State. The lack of a rushing game without Eugene Jarvis (47 yards) hurt.11. Temple (0-2) Last week: 11 Temple lost big to Penn State as expected, but the Owls should start to move up soon.12. Ball State (0-3) Last week: 12 The losing streak looks like it won't stop anytime soon with the Cardinals slated to go to Auburn this week.13. Miami (Ohio) (0-3) Last week: 13 Miami finally scored some points, but this team still has a long way to go.


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