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Welcome to the first edition of the Power Rankings. Each week, we'll rank the MAC teams and tell you which team is on the way up and which team is headed for a fall.

With that, here are the rankings, which I expect will dramatically change throughout the season.

1. Bowling Green (1-0) I don't think we gave enough credit to Bowling Green before the season began. Troy is going to a bowl this season and probably winning its conference title. Bowling Green made a few adjustments and throttled Troy in the second half.2. Buffalo (1-0) Quarterback Zach Maynard did just fine. The Bulls aren't going anywhere.3. Central Michigan (0-1) No shame in losing on the road to a Pac-10 team. The CMU offense looked like it had major jet lag, though. Maybe this is why you shouldn't play a game a few time zones away unless it has the word Bowl somewhere in there or you're taking home a seven-figure paycheck.4. Northern Illinois (0-1) Not bad. Not great. NIU had the ball in a one-possession game in the final two minutes. Not much else you can ask for on the road against a BCS team.5. Western Michigan (0-1) I don't think anybody expected Michigan to do what it did on Saturday. I think we'll be able to put this game in a better perspective once both teams play a few more games.6. Kent State (1-0) We didn't learn a thing about Kent State in its 18-0 victory against Coastal Carolina. We'll know a lot more after the Golden Flashes play Boston College.7. Toledo (0-1) Toledo couldn't keep up with Purdue, plain and simple. Colorado is a team in trouble, though. A win Friday at home would be huge for the Rockets. 8. Ohio (0-1) It will be interesting to see what the Bobcats do against North Texas.9. Ball State (0-1) I knew I should have gone with Riley Dodge in my horrible MAC picks. This could be a real ugly year for the Cardinals.10. Temple (0-1) I know Villanova is a tough FCS team, but losing another game in the final seconds and this time at home? Not a good sign.11. Akron (0-1) Just as we didn't learn anything about Kent State in its win, I don't think we learned much about Akron in its loss at Penn State. This spot seems right for this week, though.12. Eastern Michigan (0-1) A tough loss in the season-opener to Army in what will probably be the first of many this year for the Eagles.13. Miami (Ohio) (0-1) The rebuilding could take a few years.


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