Created:Saturday, October 12, 2013 12:34 a.m.CDT
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Women's soccer ties Bowling Green

Northern Illinois traveled to Bowling Green for the fifth women's soccer MAC match of the season on Friday. The game started at 6 p.m. and this one ended up being a long one. The teams went at each other for 110 minutes with the two overtime periods, and in the end, neither could get a score to take the win. With the draw, the Huskies are now 4-7-2 on the season with a 2-2-1 record in the MAC.

"We had opportunities," said Head Coach John Ross. "It was either that our timing was a bit off or we were inches away every time.

The two teams came out with some offensive aggression in the first half. The Falcons and Huskies combined for 11 shots taken in during the first 45 minutes, but none of them were able to find the back of the net. NIU was more accurate with its shots, having three on goal out of the six shots taken as opposed to Bowling Green's one on goal out of five shots taken. Even with all the shots, both teams were unable to score, and so they went into the half tied at 0-0.

In the second half, the Huskies turned up the heat on the opposing Falcons. NIU took 11 shots in the period with six heading for the goal. However, opposing goaltender Lauren Cadel was able to deflect each one of the them to keep the score tied. There was one shot toward the end of the regulation that nearly gave NIU the lead. The ball sat on the line after an NIU shot, but it never passed it. Regulation was not enough to decide the game, so the teams headed to overtime.

In both overtime periods, the Huskies were often on the offensive. They had five shots during the two periods with Bowling Green only firing off one. Three of NIU's shots were headed for the net, but just like those in regulation, these shots were saved by the opposing goalkeeper. NIU was pressuring often, but the team could not get the ball to hit the back of the net, and the game ended in a scoreless tie.

Overall, the Huskies doubled up the Falcons on shots attempted, 22-11. Of those 22 shots, 12 forced opposing goaltender Cadel to make a play. Last weekend's stars, Nicole Gobbo and Courtney Ksiazek, combined for 11 of those shots and four shots on goal.

"We made a point in practice to pressure the opposition this weekend," said Ross. "It really showed in our play in the second half."

Amy Carr recorded her third shutout of the season on Friday. Carr and the rest of NIU's defense have been tough on opposing offenses as of late, allowing just one goal over the last three games.

The Huskies will travel to Central Michigan for a match against the Chippewas on Sunday at noon. NIU has just three road matches remaining in the regular season.

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