Created:Thursday, September 12, 2013 9:31 p.m.CDT
Updated:Thursday, September 12, 2013 9:35 p.m.CDT

Sept. 12 Q&A

The Daily Chronicle's Steve Nitz answers your NIU- and MAC-related questions right here. Look for a new installment of questions and answers each week. Submit your questions to Steve on Twitter @SNitz_DDC or at

Question from Brad Kopp

What's the best way to watch the NIU vs. Idaho game Saturday?

The only way to watch the game is on Idaho's athletic website with VandalXtra. It costs $9.95 for a one-month subscription so that's what you'll have to pay, and I'm not sure how good the quality is.

Fatty's is also advertising that they're showing the game as well. It would be the VandalXtra feed, just on a bigger screen obviously.

There's always the option of listening to Bill Baker and Mark Lindo on 1360 WLBK, and I'll be providing plenty of tweets from our @HuskieWire account.

Question from Steve Hatcher

What's the word on TLL and Akeem for this Idaho?

Sounds like Tommylee Lewis is going to play after suffering a sprained ankle against Iowa. He’s been practicing this week, and Rod Carey said he’ll be ready to go.. This is one way the Huskies benefitted from the bye week – he was able to get healthy.

Daniels, on the other hand, isn't listed on the depth chart and Carey said he won't play. He hasn't even had a full practice yet, so I'm guessing we won't see him until Week 5 at Purdue at the earliest.

Will NIU football win the MAC this season?