Created:Thursday, December 20, 2012 8:42 p.m.CDT

Dec. 20 Q&A

The Daily Chronicle's Steve Nitz answers your NIU- and MAC-related questions right here. Look for a new installment of questions and answers each week. Submit your questions to Steve on Twitter @SNitz_DDC or at

Question from @BIGHiggyStyle:

Any update on how many tickets @NIUAthletics has sold?

According to an NIU spokesperson, NIU has distributed 7,500 tickets, which includes tickets sold, as well as student and player tickets. Plus, NIU has donated "several thousand" tickets to the Veteran Tickets Foundation and Big Brothers Big Sisters.

NIU had a ticket allotment of 17,500, but the Mid-American Conference paid for the entire allotment, so the school won't lose money due to unsold tickets.

Question from Matt Goetsch(‏@GoetschMatt):
What uniforms are we going to be using, I know we're the visiting team but are we wearing the awesome black ones?
Unfortunately, NIU will be wearing its road white jerseys.

Question from Michael Rakestraw ‏(@MIKE_RAKESTRAW):

How important is it for #NIU to establish the running game early?

For NIU, getting the running game going is huge, although it won't be easy. The Seminoles give up 93 rushing yards per game, a total good for fifth in the nation.

Jordan Lynch has shown is ability to throw the ball this season, but let's face it. If the Huskies can't run the ball, it's probably going to be a long night in south Florida.

Will NIU football win the MAC this season?