Created:Wednesday, August 24, 2011 12:08 a.m.CST

NIU football's first fall depth chart

Northern Illinois coach Dave Doeren released Tuesday its two-deep (and at some places three-deep) football depth chart it plans to use during its Sept. 3 opener against Army.

Here's a look at the offense.

Quarterback: Chandler Harnish (first team), Jordan Lynch (second team), Matt McIntosh (third team).

Running back: Jasmin Hopkins (first), Akeem Daniels, Jamal Womble, Leighton Settle (all on second team)

Receiver (X): Martel Moore (first), Anthony Johnson (second)

Receiver (Y): Da'Ron Brown (first), DeMarcus Grady (second)

Receiver (F): Nathan Palmer (first), Jamison Wells (second)

Receiver (Z): Willie Clark (first), Perez Ashford (second)

Tight end: Jack Marks (first), Tim Semisch (second), Adam Kiel (third)

Left tackle: Trevor Olson (first), Tyler Pitt (second)

Left guard: Logan Pegram (first), Jared Volk (second)

Center: Scott Wedige (first), Michael Gegner (second)

Right guard: Joe Pawlak (first), Matt Battaglia (second)

Right tackle: Keith Otis (first), Ryan Brown (second)

Fullback: Cameron Bell or Luke Eakes (first), Pat McAvoy (second)

And the defense.

Right end: Joe Windsor (first), Alan Baxter (second)

Defensive tackle: Anthony Wells (first), Ron Newcomb (second)

Defensive tackle: Nabal Jefferson (first), Frank Boenzi (second)

Defensive end: Sean Progar (first), Kyle Jenkins (second)

Weak linebacker: Jamaal Bass (first), Michael Santacaterina (second)

Middle linebacker: Pat Schiller (first), Victor Jacques (second)

Strong linebacker: Jordan Delegal (first), Gervaise Porter (second)

Cornerback: Rashaan Melvin, Dominique Ware (first), Marckie Hayes, Jhony Faustin, Paris Logan (second)

Strong safety: Tommy Davis (first), Courtney Stephen (second)

Free safety: Demetrius Stone (first), Jimmie Ward (second)

Finally, special teams.

Place kicker: Mathew Sims (first), Josh Gallington, Ryan Fillingim (second)

Kickoff: Tyler Wedel (first), Ryan Fillingim (second)

Punter: Ryan Neir (first), Tyler Wedel (second)

Long snapper (punts): Brian Mayer (first), Adam Coleman (second)

Short snapper (field goals): Adam Coleman (first), Brian Mayer (second)

Holder: Ryan Neir (first), Chandler Harnish (second)

Returner: Tommy Davis (first), Perez Ashford (second)

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