Created:Monday, November 2, 2009 10:57 p.m.CDT

Huskie Q&A with Nabal Jefferson


Northern Illinois true freshman defensive tackle Nabal Jefferson had his first career sack and a tackle for a 3-yard loss in the run game in Northern Illinois' 27-10 win against Akron on Saturday at Huskie Stadium.

Daily Chronicle sports editor Jon Styf talked with Jefferson about his breakout performance after Saturday's game. Here is the edited transcript:

What did it feel like to get that first sack?

It was great. I've worked really hard and it's great to see the results.

Your defensive line has had a lot of injuries and that's given you an opportunity to play early?

It's been great to just see the field and be there for my teammates. It's a good feeling to come through for them.

In a game where you dominate possession and it's a power game, is that a fun type of football to play?

I like to hit and playing in a game with that much intensity is what it's all about.

How did the wind affect things today?

People are intimidated by the wind. But we practice in it every day, so it's fine.

Your sack was a coverage sack that didn't happen right away. What happened on that play?

I just did a counter move and saw the opening. I know the corners had the receivers locked down and the quarterback was just sitting there waiting.

Was your run stop in the backfield the same type of play?

It was the same type of thing. You have to have intensity off the ball and just make plays.
Now you have just a few days to prepare for the next game. How do you do that?

We just want to keep the intensity. We have to work hard, watch a lot of film and get ready.

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