Created:Sunday, October 25, 2009 11:57 p.m.CDT

Q&A with Landon Cox


OXFORD, Ohio – Northern Illinois wide receiver Landon Cox made two catches for 37 yards at Miami (Ohio) in the Huskies’ 27-22 win.

Cox made a 33-yard highlight reel grab over the middle where the ball bounced up in the air twice before he caught the ball on the ground.

After Saturday’s win, the Daily Chronicle’s Jon Styf caught up with Cox to talk about the game. The following is an edited transcript.

Talk about your bobbled catch downfield.
My main focus was just to make the play for our team. I wanted to help the team get that drive going and get some good tempo. When you see the ball in the air, you just stick it in your head to make a play.

Can you practice that?

We always practice staying focused and never giving up on a play. The main thing is to keep keying on anything you can do in any situation.

After last week’s loss on the road [at Toledo], how important was it to just get a win?

It’s a big win because we want to set ourselves up for the future and get momentum going into the next game. We needed to go what we were supposed to and get a good start as we head back to our house.

How much does the change at quarterback change things?

D. Grady stepped up the way coach always talks about when given the chance. He gets a lot of reps in practice, even when Chandler’s there. I think he came in ready.

Was he a different quarterback than last year?

Chandler and D. Grady are both better this year in how they read plays, just because they’re older. That’s one thing he’s really improved on.

Were you in on the onside kick recovery?

My main job is block one of the guys coming over. Tommy [Davis] just made a great play. He jumped in the air and went straight to the ball, just like we practice.

How difficult is it to grab the ball with the whole other team charging at you?

It’s a tack. A lot of people take it for granted, but it’s not easy. You always have to focus in and concentrate. You never want to take those situations for granted.

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