Created:Thursday, October 22, 2009 12:07 a.m.CST

Q&A with NIU sophomore forward Tyler Storm


Northern Illinois sophomore forward Tyler Storm appeared in 28 games and started eight as a freshman for the men's basketball team. He averaged 3.6 points and 1.6 rebounds a game. Now a sophomore, Storm hopes to make an even bigger impact for an NIU team that has increased expectations.

Before practice on Wednesday, the Daily Chronicle's John Sahly caught up with Storm to talk about a variety of topics.

How was your offseason?
It was good. I put a lot of work in and I think it's paid off. I couldn't wait to get it done and get started with the season.

It looks like you've added a little muscle, what kind of results did you see from that work? I definitely think I've gained some muscle mass. I feel stronger and it's definitely helping. It's something I needed to work on and I noticed that last season.

What weight are you at right now? I'm about 217 right now.

What did you come in at? My freshman year I came in at 205.
You said you noticed it last season, what situations did you notice it in?
Rebounding. I needed to get a lot stronger in rebounding. Really a lot of things, driving to the basket, being strong with the ball and all that.

What are some of the other improvements you feel like you've made? I'm more consistent with my shots. I'm taking care of the ball, less turnovers.

What lessons do you take from last year that you can use from this year? Just to stay positive, really. We had kind of a rough season. We got through it with a better record than the year before, so that's on the positive side. We've got to come in now and just keep getting better.

How is everyone coming together? I think it's working out very well. Everybody's just together and we're starting to figure out roles and all that stuff. It's going really well.

Is that the biggest question you guys are facing before the season, just figuring out roles and rotations? Yeah I think so. That's a big part of what we've got to figure out.

Looking ahead at the schedule, starting at Northwestern and then Illinois, how excited are you for that? I'm real excited. We've got three Big Ten games on our schedule this year [Northwestern, Illinois and Minnesota]. The first two, if we get wins right there that would be huge for the rest of the season.

What is the ceiling for this team? How far can you go? There's no limit, I don't think, right now.

Everyone's shorts have "No excuses" on the back. Is that something new this year? I guess just because we put it on the shorts it's new, but it's something coach [Ricardo] Patton has been saying before. He's always got little quotes and things that he likes. It's just what he picked this year for our shorts.

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