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Q&A with NIU safety Tracy Wilson

NIU safety Tracy Wilson celebrates after a play against Idaho earlier this season. (Rob Winner –

Tracy Wilson earned his way into Northern Illinois' starting lineup at safety and has continued to shine this year.

The redshirt sophomore leads the Huskies in solo (20) and total (44) tackles, and has two tackles for loss and a pass breakup for one of the Mid-American Conference's top scoring defenses.

After practice earlier this week, the Daily Chronicle's John Sahly caught up with Wilson to talk about his season thus far and his plans for the bye week.

Straight up, how good is this team right now? I think we're pretty good. We were just focused [against Western Michigan]. We wanted to answer all of those questions. Matter of fact, before the game, we were in the training room, some of us, and we were watching the TV and they were saying that we were an inconsistent team so they didn't really know who we are. We're out there trying to prove to everybody that it's not a fluke that we are a good team. The game before (against Idaho) we didn't come out to play.
Do you think that game is the reason why some people might say you guys are inconsistent?
Yes. I think that is the reason. But Idaho is a good team, though. People are still thinking, 'It's Idaho. It's not a good team.' But Idaho is a good team. They have good players. They have veteran players so they are a good team.
Do you feel like this defense is starting to come together?
I think so. I think we're starting to build a nice chemistry. We're starting to see who is going to be out on the field and we're starting to play more together.

You mentioned a good chemistry. What are some of the things you see and do that say to you that you do have a good chemistry? I think there's more talking on the field. We're communicating better, just running to the ball more. Everybody out there is playing fast. More people are playing. The linebackers are doing more substitutions, the defensive line is doing more substitutions, so everybody's fresh.

What are your plans for the bye week? After practice on Friday, I'm going to go home (Harvey). My mom said she's going to cook me something like a Thanksgiving meal since we're going to be going on the road on Thanksgiving to Central Michigan. So I'll go home and chill with my family.

I'm assuming that means Turkey, stuffing and the whole thing. The whole thing. People are going to come over. It's going to be Thanksgiving, basically.

Is this year personally going for you how you thought it would? It's going pretty good. I would like to make more big plays. I haven't made any big plays yet. But on a personal note it's going good. As a team, I think things are going really good. We're getting better every week. I think we're on the right track. We've still got our major goal we want to achieve, which is the MAC championship.

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