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NIU notes: Fans vent to Kill after loss

Northern Illinois coach Jerry Kill walks off the field after the Huskies beat Purdue earlier this season. (Beck Diefenbach -

DeKALB – Just as his inbox was filled with praise after Northern Illinois won at Purdue, NIU coach Jerry Kill saw plenty of negative e-mails after the Huskies lost at home this past Saturday to Idaho.

Kill said at Tuesday's news conference that he had 101 e-mails within three hours of the game and, just like the week before, he did his best to try to respond to each one.

"Some people were telling me how to coach and all that stuff, but I don't worry too much about that," Kill said. "If I e-mailed everybody that told me I didn't know how to coach or something, I'd be massively worn out at the end of the day."

Some of those e-mails came right after the game.

"I just get off the field and I don't even get up to my office after I visit with you all and I've got six e-mails telling me that I can't coach worth a darn and it's the same e-mails that told me I was the greatest coach in the world a week ago," Kill said. "I have it figured out right now, I'm somewhere in the middle of the line. I'm inconsistent."

But Kill acknowledges that the positive and negative viewpoints from fans and reporters are all part of the job.

"But it's no different than your job," Kill told reporters. "People want to blame the media for everything, but we wouldn't have college football where it's at if it weren't for the media. You're not going to hear too many coaches say that. ... You don't let what people say about you bother you, and as a coach, you better have thick skin this day in age or you're just not going to make it, and be honest."

Fundamentally speaking: Kill said the team had an intense meeting and practice on Sunday to try to correct what went wrong in Saturday's loss.

After watching the game film, Kill said the problems in tackling and blocking occurred because of mistakes in fundamentals and will be a point of emphasis this week at practice.

"You look at golf, even Tiger Woods has a bad day," Kill said. "Let's say Tiger's struggling, he goes back to what? Fundamentals. He hires his guy and they look at his swing, so basically that's what we've done as a football team."

More effort needed: Kill also said he wanted to see more effort out of his team than what he saw Saturday, adding that he's put on tape of former NIU defensive end Larry English to showcase English's effort as an example.

"But I think with young players some of them don't know how to play hard," Kill said. "So you take that film and you show them what playing hard is. So hopefully we'll play hard this Saturday. I anticipate us playing a little harder on Saturday."
Injury report:
Defensive end Jake Coffman will play after missing the Idaho game. Wide receiver Nate Palmer (thumb) will be back this week. Palmer missed Saturday's game because the thumb injury prevented him from catching the ball. Linebackers Devon Butler (high ankle sprain) and Tyrone Clark (IT band/hamstring) will practice today and are probable for Saturday.

Defensive lineman Adam Coleman (ankle sprain) is questionable. Wide receiver Willie Clark (back) is questionable. Center Eddie Adamski (low ankle sprain) is probable. Tight end Jason Schepler (elbow) and linebacker/kick returner John Tranchitella (knee) are out.

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