Created:Sunday, September 13, 2009 10:15 p.m.CDT

Q&A with NIU fan David Hunter


David Hunter is an NIU football season ticket holder who has been coming to games for almost 30 years. Huskie Wire sat down with Hunter before Saturday’s game against Western Illinois.

Huskie Wire: When did you start attending NIU games?

David Hunter: 1982

HW: Why did you start coming?

DH: I went to school here.

HW: What is your favorite part of the NIU football experience?

DH: Tailgating is very fun, Huskie games are very fun as well. I love it when they play a good competitive game. Seeing them play Alabama down there a few years ago, that was a great game to watch. It was great when they beat Iowa State, it was great when they beat Maryland.

HW: So do you go to a lot of road games as well?

DH: We generally pick one road game a year. We went to Alabama (in 2003), we went to Tennessee last year. That was fun.

HW: Any certain game that you have attended that really stands out?

DH: Honestly, going down to Alabama. That was probably the high point. It’s hard to beat beating Alabama, being there and seeing them for that.

HW: Any certain player that you have loved to watch play?

DH: (Michael) Turner was tremendous. It was always great to see (P.J.) Fleck, it was always great to see (Dan) Sheldon returning kickoffs. I remember one game I’m yelling “don’t take the punt, don’t take the punt” and he takes it back 92 yards. LeShon (Johnson) was great, Stacey Robinson was great.

HW: How long have you been a season ticket holder?

DH: I think I was a holder in like 1989, then I went to New York for a year. Since 1989 or 1991, in there.

HW: Were you disappointed when the NIU-Wisconsin game was moved to Soldier Field in 2011?

DH: A little bit. We had a great time when the Huskies played Iowa (at Soldier Field in 2007).

HW: What’s your outlook on this year’s team, how do you think they finish?

DH: Honestly, I would say 8-4 or 9-3.

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